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2001: killing fields

Marc Sapir Berkeley
Friday January 04, 2002

They attack the human spirit 

with polls and patriotism, 

pols and perfidy, 

anchormen’s war fever 

presidents’ wives 

attorney general princes 

media hypocrisy 


who “know” that  

the corporate media 

are leftist spies 

in disguise 


They attack the human spirit 

with bombs and tribunals 

court-martials and torture 

torment of 

wars against terrorism 

by usurper presidents and  

hoodless white hoods 

government lies 

media editorials for rights  

while selling stock shlock, 

and censorship as news.. 


They manipulate our sadness, 

our anger, our angst, 

with words and deeds 

then bomb us... 

our pain screams out 

from everywhere  

“Dave’s not here” 

to everywhere,  

those seeking holy Palestine 

driven into caves 

of fear and despair 


They attack the human spirit 

“to preserve our freedoms” 

with computers  

and the smartest 


and the most money 

the world has ever known 

and the money even loses 

track of what it’s about,  

this attack on the human spirit 


But through it all 

we know 

what it’s about, 

and the spirit floats on the wind  

and is invincible 

And in the end 

will defeat the torment, 

rise from ashes 

and bury the culture of death. 


Marc Sapir