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Accused Oregon killer’s car found at SFO

Monday January 07, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO — A stolen vehicle believed to have been driven by a man suspected of killing his wife and three children in Oregon was found this morning at San Francisco International Airport. 

According to San Francisco Police Sergeant Larry Ratti, the green Dodge Durango believed to have been driven by Christian Longo was found at 8:15 a.m. in the short-term parking lot following a police sweep of the various lots surrounding the airport. 

Ratti said that all flight logs are being studied to determine if Longo took a flight or left the vehicle in the lot. 

“Considering recent security measures it would be very difficult to travel with phony identification even if the ID's were very close in description,” Ratti said. 

Ratti said that despite doubts that Longo took a flight, San Francisco Police in collaboration with the FBI are investigating every available angle. 

The officers that discovered the stolen car came across information inside the vehicle that indicate Longo was using the vehicle, Ratti said. 

Longo may be using the aliases Jason Joseph Fortner or John Thomas Christopher with birth dates of Jan. 23, 1974, April 17, 1973, or May 23, 1974. 

Longo, 27, is charged in a Lincoln County, Ore. arrest warrant with aggravated murder and in a federal warrant on charges of unlawful flight.