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Foreign policy driven by oil

Sylvia E. Levy Oakland
Thursday January 10, 2002


Regarding Letter by Jason Scorse (1/04/02) “The Real Issues Behind the Afghan War.” 

The point was well made that our government was supporting with grants the Taliban government months before 9/11. 

Our foreign policy is driven by the self interest of a small group of people in the United States government, including Bush and Cheney, whose interests in global oil fields and profits from war contracts have put us in a position of having killed more people than were destroyed by the catastrophe of 9/11. 

Imagine, if you can, that we would have spent the $1 billion a month since 9/11 to feed and house people in the poor country instead of bombing them. That certainly would help end hopelessness and hunger that may lead to acts of desperation. 

We have a well funded intelligence system that should be able to track criminals and bring them to justice. 


Sylvia E. Levy