Marriage licenses say ‘I do’ to the computer age

Friday January 11, 2002

LAS VEGAS — The Clark County Marriage License Bureau has said “I do” to a new computer system that will speed up the licensing process and provide colorful and more professional marriage certificates. 

What’s more, that trip down the aisle won’t be quite as long, thanks to shorter lines and faster data processing. 

“This is long, long, long overdue,” Clark County Clerk Shirley Parraguirre told the Las Vegas Sun. “I used to see the lines out the door, down the stairs and around the courthouse. This is something I really wanted to do.” 

The bureau’s staff made the switch Wednesday from four Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500 typewriters and a microfilm machine to computers and scanners, ushering the self-proclaimed “marriage capital of the world” into the computer age. 

The old typewritten documents are black and white and sometimes blotched. The new certificates have calligraphic writing and carry the county’s seal in color. 

“They’re clean and perfect for framing,” Parraguirre said. 

By September, applications — which are now filled out in the office — will be available online. 

The bureau distributed 123,000 licenses last year. 

“It was already so convenient to get married here, and with these computers, it should be even more so,” said Ronnie Campbell, 64, who came from Broward County, Fla., to get married to Dolores Belivaeu, 59. 

“That way, my fiancee doesn’t have time to get away,” he said with a laugh.