Driver strikes five children and their mothers walking to school

The Associated Press
Wednesday January 16, 2002

OAKLAND — Five children were seriously injured Tuesday when a speeding car struck them and their two mothers in a crosswalk on their way to school. 

The hit-and-run accident happened about 8 a.m. when a 1967 Mustang sped through an intersection and struck the seven as they crossed the street, said officer Arturo Bautista. 

Two of the children, ages 1 and 5, were in critical condition at Children’s Hospital with head, chest and abdominal injuries. 

Three others, ages 7, 10 and 11, were in serious condition with head injuries and broken bones. 

The mother of three of the children was treated at Highland Hospital for a broken ankle and knee. The mother of the other two was struck but not injured. 

Police found the car parked around the corner but they did not immediately locate the driver.