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Class Notes

By David Scharfenberg, Daily Planet staff
Friday January 18, 2002


Local girls lead Boy Scouts to  



Two young women from Berkeley, Brianna Georgi and Baily Hopkins, flew to Panama on Saturday, leading a group of five Boy Scouts from the area in an international camping competition. 

Georgi and Baily are both Venture Scouts, a co-ed group under the auspices of the Boy Scouts organization. The Berkeley chapter of the Venture Scouts, known as “Crew 24,” is focused on “high adventure” activities such as backpacking and kayaking. 

Five adults, including parents of the four Boy Scouts, are traveling with the group as chaperones. 

According to Ellen Georgi, Brianna’s mother, scouting teams from the United States, Mexico, and various countries in Central and South America have converged in Panama. All the groups will do community service projects, examine the ecosystem of the Panama Canal, socialize, and compete in various camping activities. 

Ellen Georgi said her daughter should learn some valuable lessons about other cultures. But, she does not expect the Berkeley-area troop to win any of the camping competitions.  

“I think what she’s really getting out of this is realizing that American superiority is highly overrated,” Georgi said. 

The scouts return Monday evening. 


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