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Reporting yet another accident at Benvenue and Ashby

Paul Tuleja
Friday January 18, 2002

Dear Mayor Dean, City Officials, Berkeley News Media and Bcc’d Neighbors, 


There was another accident tonight, January 15th, 2002 at Benvenue and Ashby at approximately 5:30 pm. One car was crossing Ashby, going Southbound on Benvenue, when it collided with another car that was going East up Ashby in the parking lane. 

The resulting accident had such force that one of the cars wound up ON the S.E. corner of the SIDEWALK and crashed into the street light. Fortunately, no one was standing on the corner at that moment. There was considerable damage to both cars which were towed away. 

The lady who wound up on the sidewalk stayed in her smoking car until the paramedics arrived. The paramedic's also looked over the toddler son of the other driver. Everyone seemed OK. 

This is the 2nd (SECOND) accident this year at Benvenue and Ashby that I know of. There were 18 last year. There now have been 4 accidents here in under one month (12/19/01, 12/20/01, 1/6/02, 1/15/02). Two of the four are exactly alike. One car is Southbound on Benvenue, crossing Ashby when it gets hit by an Eastbound car on Ashby driving up the parking lane between 4-6 pm. 

Our 5th Traffic Task Force meeting was held yesterday at the Library. 

Reh-Lin says the temporary traffic calming devices have been ordered. They will now be put in sometime in the beginning of March 2002. 

Reh-Lin also said that he now has to go to the City Council to get their approval to remove the 4-6 pm Tow-Away parking signs on the eastbound side of Ashby between Hillegass and College. This would then allow cars to park in the metered spots and stop cars from zooming up the parking lane between 4-6 pm, like they can now. 

Jed will be sending out an email highlighting this 5th Task Force meeting. 

One lady who was at the corner after the accident was upset with drivers on Ashby. She said she was trying to cross Ashby at Benvenue with her child in 

a stroller, and the cars were ignoring her in the cross walk. 

The next Traffic Task Force meeting is scheduled for February 11th, 6:30 p.m., at the Library. 


Paul Tuleja