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Man seriously injured after he falls into cement mixer

Friday January 18, 2002

PETALUMA— A 19-year-old man’s legs were seriously injured when he fell into a portable cement mixer. 

Authorities said the man was straddling the running machine to clean it at the Pomeroy Corp. when his legs slipped into an augur, which resembles a large, open half pipe with a corkscrew drill running its length. 

The man’s legs were mangled when they were caught between the drill and the frame of the machine. He had to be cut free. 

He was taken by helicopter to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Officials there would not release his name or information about his condition, citing confidentiality laws. 



WINDSOR, Calif. (AP) — Members of the Windsor Town Council sided with angry neighbors Wednesday in voicing their opposition to plans for a 50-home Indian reservation just outside the city limits. 

The council didn’t name the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians or its proposed development on Windsor River Road. 

But council members outlined a letter to the Board of Supervisors, detailing their opposition to building any more homes than allowed under the Sonoma County general plan. 

The proposed reservation property is limited to 10 homes under the general plan. 

Neither the council nor the supervisors has jurisdiction over the tribe’s efforts to acquire and develop the land. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has yet to render a decision. 

In approving the letter, Windsor officials said they wanted to provide their input on a project neighbors fear could significantly alter their rural way of life. 

“I hope to preserve the rural way of life and to preserve agriculture,” Councilwoman Lynn Morehouse said. If that’s threatened, “I feel it’s appropriate to weigh in.”