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Two Bay Area brothers nab wanted Texas fugitive while surfing Internet

The Associated Press
Monday January 21, 2002

SALINAS – While searching the Internet for information on the Alamo and the city of San Antonio, two brothers helped police nab a man on Texas’ 10 Most Wanted list. 

The brothers, Alfred and Robert Castaneda, were preparing for a visit to their grandmother’s house when they came across the photo of Robert Enriquez, 32, who was suspected of molesting two Waco, Texas, boys and who had been wanted for two years. 

The brothers said they recognized the man as a clerk from a fast-food restaurant in Salinas. The brothers printed out the photo, took it to the restaurant to compare it to the man, then drove around Salinas for 20 minutes looking for a police officer to tell. 

Officers booked Enriquez into Monterey County Jail Thursday night, where he is awaiting hearings for extradition to Texas to face the charges. Police did not know how long Enriquez had been in Salinas. 

“I’m glad he won’t be hurting any more kids,” Alfred Castaneda said. “I’ve got a 5-year-old daughter and my brother has a 4-year-old son.”