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AC Transit advice falls on deaf ears

Rose M. Green
Monday January 21, 2002


Thank you, Hank Resnik and Dean Metzger, for comparing, or rather contrasting, our mass transit to that of European cities. I would love to hear what AC Transit says about this. We never hear from them, except for announcements like the recent decision to eliminate the #59 and #64 bus lines. When I phoned them about a month ago to discuss their silence, and asked for either Marketing, Sales, or a Community Relations Department, I was connected to a pleasant gentleman. When I asked him what if anything AC Transit does to increase ridership by educating the public about mass transit he said it was an interesting question, but he had no answer. We agreed that giving students and city workers free passes is a good idea, although I suspect it will eliminate more walking and bike-riding than cars and parking. After discussing several other things AC Transit might do to increase sales, he said, with great enthusiasm, that he would tell the head of the department about my call, and assured me I’d get a call back shortly. It’s over a month now. No call. No AC Transit. Complete silence. I’m sure the transit companies of Montpelier and/or Copenhagen would have been more cooperative. 

Rose M. Green