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Look at the underlying causes of healthcare

Lara Wright, M.D. Berkeley
Tuesday January 22, 2002



Perhaps it is time to take a look at the underlying causes of the problem with health care (“Doctor's New Practices Offer Deluxe Service for Deluxe Fee” New York Times 1/15/02). With physicians jumping ship so that they can spend more time with patients, hundreds of thousands to millions uninsured, many more underinsured, drug companies defending their right to hold patents on life-saving medications, and stories on the poor state of public health in light of the anthrax crimes, isn't it at least possible that these separate problems have a common root cause? I would contend that it is our country's policy that values money over health that is the underlying cause of all of these problems. It is time that we in the United States take a long look at ourselves, at least in the area of health care policy. 


Lara Wright, M.D.