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Don’t try to teach our students understanding through Islam

Alexander Magnus Internet Newspaper Reader and former California teacher
Wednesday January 23, 2002



Public School Preach “Peace Loving” Islam 

I am utterly flabbergasted. 

A public school system in California is telling its seventh graders as part of their course work that for three weeks they must don Muslim robes in class, adopt Islamic names, pray to Allah and stage their own mock “jihads.” 

This in celebration of the “peace loving” religion whose fundamentalist fanatic followers killed three thousand Americans on 9-11. 

Supposedly, the curriculum is intended to promote “understanding.” 

I understand one thing. 

If my school district ever tried teaching my daughter to pray to any strange god, she’ll be home for as long as it takes to sit out the Arabian flu, even if he has to repeat a grade. 

By the way, have you noticed how the ACLU is sitting this one out? 


Alexander Magnus 

Internet Newspaper Reader  

and former California teacher