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Homeowners should protect their land

Dorothy V. Benson
Friday March 15, 2002



Responding to Kristin Miller (Mar. 9-10), why shouldn’t we homeowners protect our turf? Who said we shouldn’t have a home with a backyard that children can play in, a yard where we can plant trees and harvest fruit and vegetables? 

And as to accommodating ever more requests for housing, any fool knows that the more places there are, no matter how dense the area, the more people will come to fill them. There are other places, there are open spaces, elsewhere. It’s a big wide world, after all.  

Kristin Miller may be happy with her closeness to Codornices Creek and the Karl Linn Gardens, but how do they service the high density housing she espouses elsewhere? 

Who, anyway, are Ecocity Builders? 


Dorothy V. Benson