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Pro-Palestinians are uncle Issacs

Gabe Kurtz
Friday March 15, 2002



For too long we have sat idly by watching the pro-Palestinian propaganda machine make Israel into their desired image. They display a picture of an Israeli soldier pointing a gun at a Palestinian’s head but, they forget to mention the soldier had his family splattered against the walls of a disco two days prior. We can no longer be complacent, the covert and overt tide of the Bay Area anti-Semitism must come to an end. We must turn their foot hold in the moral majority into a hold in mire. 

Israel is our birth right and we cannot let Jews in name only give it away. We must show these militants for what they really are: self-hating Jews, uncle Issacs. The time for action is now, these uncle Issacs must no longer be able to protest without opposition or fear of reprisal. we can make a bringing the true intent of these pro- Palestinian groups to light. That is the annihilation of a Jewish sovereign nation.  


Gabe Kurtz