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Don’t compromise school safety

John H. DeClercq
Saturday March 16, 2002

Dear Ms. Lawrence: 


We understand that you are doing your best to balance the school district budget. However: 

The safety of the students must be insured and assured before any education in the classroom can take place. There should be no diminution of the safety staff and safety plan at the Berkeley High School. The safety budget needs to be increased, not decreased. Staff and tools must be increased to increase student safety. 

Several years before you arrived, it took us years to reconstruct the high school safety plan that had been dismantled by the prior school board. Do not undo what we worked so hard to re-create.  

Safety and stability on campus must be assured, so that students arrive in the classroom calm and ready to learn. 


Hold the line.  

No cuts in school safety. 



John H. DeClercq