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The Nature of Jewish Alienation

Gabe Kurtz
Monday March 18, 2002


We are the grand children of death camp survivors transplanted to the United States. Our homes were in Russia, the Middle East, Spain, and Germany. We are the wandering jews and along the horizon there is a beacon... Israel. A place ripe for transplantation.  

Our fellow jews emigrated there in huge numbers, back to the welcoming bossom of our true mother country. Recently though, our mother has been villanized for fending for her children.  

Jews from all over the United States are chatising their mother, chanting “accept us but, do not defend us.”  

These are jews who want their culture dilluted with the blood of their country men, jews that hang Chanukah lights from their window in December. Something must be done, our culture has never taken to destroying itself from within. We must instill pride in our fellow jews for their culture and their mother country.  

It is time to accept invitation of our mother country and defend her like we would our own.  


Gabe Kurtz  

student, uc berkeley