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Stop Bush-whacking our future

Jane Stillwater Berkeley
Wednesday March 20, 2002



How can we tell our children that adulthood is something to look forward to when they read in the papers daily that America is in a state of “indefinite war” and that we have targeted seven nations for nuclear destruction? 

And stop saying that “They hit us first”.  

We hit them first. We spent a CENTURY hitting them first. 

Let's stop spending trillions of dollars a year on producing killing machines. 

Let's start spending that money on education, health services, arts, etc. 

Let's use that money to buy the people of the world a sense that there WILL be a future someday. America can give this amazing gift to the world. 

Dropping bombs is NOT the way to create peace. Perhaps our leaders and generals think that if they only kill enough people the bad guys will be scared into submission. The human brain does not work that way. The human brain is hard-wired like this: The more someone is punished, the more they resist.  

Even serial killers and terrorists see their foul deeds as heroic acts of resistance. 


Jane Stillwater