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The vast middle ground of the Mid-East

Gabe Kurtz student UC Berkeley
Wednesday March 20, 2002



The vast majority of people do not take a stand on the Israel/Palestine issue. They merely say “its none of my business.”  

What’s worse are the individuals that espouse peace like a robot without examining why they are saying it. “Peace” just seems like the right thing to say, any death is wrong etc.  

There are always sacrifices that must be made, for any cause whether abolishionist, or a rebellion in the warsaw ghetto. Our cause is the same, requiring sacrifices for a sovereign jewish state — for the jews, founded by jews, and governed by jews.  

The arabs have the whole of northern africa, and most of the middle east. They still want Israel... so the question remains, why?  

The muslims of the gaza strip and west bank want Israel because they know that Jews would be killed in the process. They froth at the mouth crying for land but dreaming of a twenty first century holocaust.  

The problem is that people of the United States have trouble seeing through this rouse. They guess, but do not take a stand for fear of being politically incorrect.  

Now that the Palestinians motives have been lain bear the vast center of America must take a stand.  

Would they rather have minor skirmishes in defense of Israel or whole-scale bloodshed when her defenses are let down?  


Gabe Kurtz  

student UC Berkeley