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Prejudicial statements promote hatred, deter peace

Terry Fletcher
Friday March 22, 2002



I seem to remember that several months ago the Daily Planet printed a letters policy in which is was stated that no letters that expressed racist or derogatory statements about a particular ethnic, religious or racial group would be printed. 

I was therefore quite surprised to see a statement in Gabe Kurtz’s latest letter that claimed that “muslims of the Gaza strip . . . froth at the mouth cyring for land. . . .” This statement clearly dehumanizes muslim Palestinians, making them seem more like vicious animals than human beings. 

I’m sure that Mr. Kurtz would be highly offended, as would I, if anyone stated that Jews “froth at the mouth.” 

Unfortunately, many U.S. and Israeli policies are based on these same sort of prejudicial ideas. Those of us who disagree with them are not naive, as Mr. Kurtz implies. We are able to see the humanity of both Jews and Arabs and realize that the only solution to the conflict is peace and justice for all peoples of the Middle East. 


Terry Fletcher 

Member, A Jewish Voice for Peace