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Fewer cars would mean more happy drivers

Mitch Cohen
Saturday March 23, 2002



James K. Sayre’s and Steve Magyary’s recent letters indicate there is a severe misunderstanding. Bicycle and Transit advocacy group members are not getting their messages out clearly, and/or motorists are not listening with open minds. 

We all know that car driving is the ultimate orgasmic experience for some people. Unfortunately, all the other cars congesting the roadways detracts from the experience during the event, and trying to find a parking spot afterwards detracts from the post-event moments. 

Advocacy group members want to make bicycling and using public transit so easy, convenient, safe, reliable, affordable, etc., that everyone else but James, Steve and a few other folks will quit ruining the experience for James, Steve, et al. 

Also, it should be pointed out that we are not “car-haters.” We just dislike the toxins that spew out of tailpipes when they are in use. Also, we do not like our society being in a dependent position to be held hostage by distant, politically-unstable nations. 


Mitch Cohen