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Solano eatery mysteriously closes

By Jia-Rui Chong Daily Planet staff
Tuesday March 26, 2002

The King Tsin restaurant, a neighborhood favorite for spicy Chinese food on Solano Avenue, has been closed for weeks. But the only notice to passersby and would-be diners is a padlock on the front door. 

Swen Swenson, who had just returned from Los Angeles two days ago, was taking two friends to lunch on Monday. He peered into the darkened window.  

“I used to eat here because it was cheap and good,” said Swenson. 

Turning to his friends, he said, “I guess we’ll have to go to that Chinese place down the street.” 

The Hills were similarly confused when they went there for dinner last week.  

“It’s been doing so well there for so many years that I’m just mystified,” said Patricia Hill, who used to dine there with her husband once every six weeks. 

A woman who works at Mayfair Hair and Nail Care, next door to King Tsin, confirmed that the restaurant has been empty for the last couple of weeks.  

It had only re-opened about half a year ago under new management, she said. “Business did not pick up so I guess they closed.” 

Other neighbors confirmed the change in management and the slow business. 

But the cook at Jon-Jon, a sushi and noodle counter, said that last Saturday she did notice that the doors were opened for some sort of party. Otherwise, the space has been quiet. 

The Solano Ave Association, the merchants’ group, was not aware that King Tsin had closed.