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Palestinians want to annihilate other religions

Gabe Kurtz student, UC Berkeley
Tuesday March 26, 2002



Although I normally do not discuss the specifics of issues pertaining to Israel and Palestine, today I am compelled to dive in. Recently Sharon has considered giving land back to the Palestinians, the Gaza strip and West Bank, to appease his critics from the Western world. They cry of crimes against humanity, occupation, and tattooing; Joe and Jane Blows forehead furloughs when they hear this. Jane and Joe hear Peace and they get misty eyed, they hear occupation and their face[s] clouds over with a mongoloid’s rage. 

The overall goal is stated as peace in the Middle  

East. A slogan brandished by the left, middle and phony right back as far back as I can remember. Peace in the Middle East even the seams in the side of Thomas Moore would be splitting at hearing this. The goal of Palestinians is the annihilation of opposing religious forces: Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc. The thought that the people of Palestine would be geared towards peace, reveal a deep naivete in the speaker. 

If and when Sharon gives the Palestinians their a territory of their own, free of Israeli influence, it would be disastrous. Sharon would be known as the current Chamberlain, allowing an unspeakable evil to evolve before his eyes. Within days of Palestinians having their own state the suicide bombings would continue, and blood would still flow through the streets. The left would probably put this down to a deep seeded Palestinian rage, lashing out at their oppressors. Keep on supplying these murderers with excuses and you will bear the burden for their actions. 

Palestine would probably be labeled a terrorist state within three months of inception. Blame yourselves when they bring it home ... there will never be peace when the Palestinian people are geared towards war. We should not allow history to repeat itself before our eyes. Palestine must be closely supervised so they will never gain the means to undertake their holy war against the bulk of the worlds religions. 



Gabe Kurtz  

student, UC Berkeley