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Pro-Israeli mania endangers us all

Jeff Winkler Fairfield
Thursday March 28, 2002



Pro-Israel mania is endangering us all. The Israel-Palestinian conflict and the events of September 11 are connected.  

Israel’s seizure of Palestinian land produced much resentment among Palestinians. Substantial U.S. backing of Israel, fueled by passionate pro-Israelism here, extended that resentment to the U.S. Such a culture of terrorism ensued among Palestinians in their long, unfortunate reaction to their victimization that it spread extensively in the Arab world.  

The resentments intensified into a hatred of America, as well as Israel, that prompted the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It must be realized, then, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not merely a far-away concern of other people, but something which severely threatens and, therefore must concern, all Americans. 

Half a century ago we paid a staggering price for having left Germany to indulge in unbridled nationalistic passion. Then we immediately made the same mistake with another people, the Jews. We did not learn a simple lesson of history and, so, we repeated it. Now we are paying again. 

Israel began this conflict. Israel usurped Palestinian land and continues to hold it. Palestinian violence is deplorable, but the fact of Israel’s original, and, therefore greater, fault remains. 

The people of Israel must give back to the Palestinians the land that they took. This is necessary for their moral redemption, for peace in the region and for the removal of a major impetus for terrorism. 


Jeff Winkler