by James and Morris Carey

Tip of the week: Removing hard-water stains
Friday March 29, 2002

Tip of the week:  

Removing hard-water stains 


Hard water leaves its mark on shower walls and glass shower enclosures in the form of crusty little white lime deposits that sometimes seem as though they’re going to be impossible to remove. 

Here are a couple of our secret formulas that should help: 

Sodium carbonate is the chemical you’ll want to use. It’s the base for many cleaners and is the primary ingredient in washing soda. If a strong solution of sodium carbonate doesn’t do the trick, try a squirt of liquid toilet-bowl cleaner. Bowl cleaners are strong, dangerous chemicals, so use them with eye-and-skin protection and plenty of ventilation. Once the water stains are gone, apply a coat of car wax to all the surfaces in the shower. Doing so will make cleaning a breeze the next time.