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Arrogance to blame for speaker series departure

Baird Whaley
Monday April 01, 2002

To the Editor: 


I think we should be ashamed that the Berkeley Speakers Lecture Series has  

had to be moved to Oakland.  

Whether the Series President or the City Manager's Office was acting unreasonably is basically irrelevant.  

The fault lies with Berkeley's activist demonstrators who intimidate attendees and shout down speakers with whom they disagree; and with the apparent majority attitude toward those rowdy activists, which ranges from acceptance to encouragement. 

Berkeley is so arrogant and self righteous about its climate of tolerance and free speech, when in fact that climate applies only to those with approved opinions.  

Councilmember Spring believes the Netanyahu incident was the Lecture Series' fault for not scheduling adequate private security and notifying Berkeley Police sooner. But the real issue is why it is necessary in Berkeley to have heavy security for those who wish only to exercise first amendment rights. 


Baird Whaley