Million-dollar dinosaur egg lands in Lawrence Hall of Science

The Associated Press
Tuesday April 02, 2002

Easter egg hunters would have had to look 65 million years ago to find this prize. 

The Lawrence Hall of Science is displaying an orange-sized dinosaur egg as part of its “Jurassic Park” exhibit, which contrasts how dinosaurs are presented in movies with what scientists have learned from research. 

“It’s cool for people to see something so tiny that was going to end up the size of a school bus,” said Don Lessem, who heads the Jurassic Foundation, a charity that sponsored the exhibit. 

The segnosaur egg was one of five found by a farmer in China’s Henan Province. Beetles which crept into the egg devoured the unborn dinosaur’s flesh, but left the bones uneaten. The skeleton and yolk hardened into a fossil, which British Researcher Terence Manning values at $1 million. 

Manning spent a year cleaning the egg with soap bubbles he applied through an eye dropper. 

The exhibit also features replicas of the dinosaur creations used in the “Jurassic Park” films.