Dead infant found in San Francisco’s financial district

The Associated Press
Wednesday April 03, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO — Police are investigating the death of a premature infant found discarded in a financial district building’s restroom. 

A janitor found the baby wrapped in plastic in a women’s restroom trash can on the 16th floor of an office building around 8:30 p.m. Monday. 

Medical inspectors say the infant was a 27-week-old female, weighed two pounds and was 13 inches long. A full-term pregnancy lasts around 37 weeks. 

The San Francisco Police Department’s homicide unit has launched a criminal investigation into the baby’s death and are still looking for a parent of the child. 

“We would strongly encourage the mom to come forward,” homicide inspector Maureen D’Amico told KPIX-TV. “This is a very sad, sensitive, delicate situation and we would like to give her the support — emotional and medical — that is needed. And we would like to give the baby a proper resting place.” 

On Tuesday, medical examiners conducted an autopsy on the fetus, Ackerson said. Investigators won’t know whether the mother of the infant went through a miscarriage, an abortion or what killed the infant until they get the results of the autopsy. 

Several law firms, a music company and a media company share the floor where the infant was found.  

Investigators interviewed workers on Tuesday, but would not say whether they believe the mother is an employee at the building.  

The restroom is unlocked and open to the public. 

The building is under reasonably tight security. Employees use ID cards to get into their workplaces and must sign in at the front desk after hours.