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Tuesday’s protesters were unorganized, ridiculous

Eric Meyerson Berkeley
Thursday April 04, 2002



The protesters expressing their anger over the Israeli occupation of the West Bank should be ashamed of themselves for their revolting display of civil disorder April 2. After their march ended at the University Avenue overpass, they spilled out in the street and blocked the major driving artery in and out of Berkeley for no good practical reason. 

Few people or businesses reside near the intersection with 4th Street. What use is a political demonstration where the only witnesses are rush-hour drivers who miss dinner or are kept from their families by those very protesters? Is this productive in changing the policy of a foreign government? 

In spite of their very worthy cause — peace in the Middle East — these disorganized protesters undermined it with their ridiculous actions. 

It’s a shame police didn’t arrest more of them for illegally blocking the streets and disrupting the lives of those who live and work in Berkeley. 


Eric Meyerson