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Paul McCartney enriches us and endures

Elliot Stephen Cohen Berkeley
Thursday April 04, 2002



Way back in 1967 when Paul McCartney sweetly crooned, “when I get older losing my hair, many years from now,” in “When I’m 64,” a sentimental little Beatles’ ditty predicting a time when he would be puttering around the garden with grandchildren on his knee, who could have dared predicted that 35 years later he would be rocking The Oakland Arena as he did on Monday night, resembling the thin short-haired strutting rocker in his famous photos of the pre-fame Beatles onstage at Germany’s noted Star Club in 1962? 

While his current music from the fine “Driving Rain” CD may seem irrelevant to many of today’s teen-aged music buyers, the Beatles’ classics McCartney passionately performed like “Back In The U.S.S.R.,” “Carry That Weight,” and “Blackbird,” (a song he introduced as being about the civil rights struggle of the late 60’s) will endure long after Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys will be living out their golden years. Thank you Sir Paul McCartney for enriching our lives with your wonderful music and indomitable spirit. 

Elliot Stephen Cohen