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League is wrong, we’ve had enough development

James K. Sayre Oakland
Thursday April 04, 2002



Your recent Forum article, “Getting beyond the fear of change to a thriving community” (The Daily Planet, March 30) was shocking and depressing. It seems that the local League of Women Voters (LWV) has morphed itself into the League of Women Developers (LWD).  

They say that we should just roll over, play dead and allow 44,000 more people to move into Alameda and Contra Costa Counties over the next 20 years. 

It seems that all of these additional residents have special needs which can only be met by cramming them into massive high-rise apartments in our bayside communities.  

Somehow, the LWD suggests that cramming additional thousands of people locally is going to make our neighborhoods more livable… Oh, sure. 

Frankly the East Bay is thriving enough as it is.  

The last thing that we need is thousands of more cars and apartments, with shopping malls to match. What ever happened to the notion of Zero Population Growth (ZPG) or even better, Negative Population Growth (NPG)? The earth is finite. The East Bay is finite. It's time to stop reproducing and inviting in ever more immigrants. 

Let ‘em stay home.  

We are suffering from fear of insane development, evermore crowding the Bay Area until the livability index approaches zero. Let’s think about our residential needs, not those of hypothetical immigrants.  

This land is our land, not their land.  



James K. Sayre