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Revolting, the peace protest was anything but

Tom Wandall
Friday April 05, 2002



I find Eric Meyerson's characterization of the April 2nd peace march as a “revolting display of civil disorder” to be completely without merrit. I attended Tuesdays march and many others in the past and this was one of the most peaceful and non-confrontational I have witnessed.  

Remember the Free KPFA protests and “Camp KPFA” in the middle of MLK for days? The Gulf War protests? Seattle?  

The march down University to the freeway is standard issue and this one went off almost without incident.  

The closest thing to a “revolting display” I saw was the police pepper spraying a few nonviolent protesters. 

If the “stand off” had not lasted as long as it as it did I doubt we would have received the media coverage we had. The idea that these “ridiculous actions” (slowing the Tuesday night traffic) will undermine peace in the Middle East is itself so ridiculous as to almost not deserve comment, almost. I thank the Daily Planet for its coverage and also Mr. Meyerson for his comments. I invite him to join us in finding more effective ways to reach the public. 

Everyone’s input is welcome. 


Tom Wandall