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Protesters: Think about tactics before you block off traffic

Ruth Bird
Friday April 05, 2002



I was in the demonstration against Israel's attempt to be both David and Goliath at the same time by declaring the Palestinians to be "N's" (the usual meaning, as well as Nobodies, Nonpersons).  

Sadly, the usual reason for conflict in our species as well as many others is territory. I am writing to dispute not your reporting but the tactics or lack of by some participants.  

The march was peaceful and the police helpful in deflecting traffic until we got to 6th Street. I could see no reason for conflict with the police.  

Closing I-80 at rush hour could only serve to antagonize drivers, who until that point had been uniformly supportive, honking and waving.  

People who, tired and hungry, want to get home and/or call for their children, etc., etc., will be justifiably angry and unsympathetic to any group or cause which makes them very late. Please, people, next time think about the results of your tactics. 

On a related subject, maybe your paper or a radio station could interview the proverbial "self-loathing Jew". ("I am such a despicable person I shouldn't be allowed to occupy space. I disgust myself........") 

I know and am related to many people of Jewish ancestry, and while many could be described as injustice-hating people, none could be remotely described as self-hating. Maybe, if he or she exists, he or she would contact the media for an interview.  

Otherwise, I hope we've heard the last of this ridiculous construct. 


Ruth Bird