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Police continue weekend rape investigation

By Jia-Rui Chong Daily Planet staff
Tuesday April 09, 2002

Berkeley Police are still investigating a sexual assault that occurred about 8 p.m. on Saturday. The incident reportedly happened at the Marina, though BPD spokesperson Capt. Bobby Miller would neither confirm nor deny the location, for fear of endangering the ongoing investigation. 

Miller said the suspect is described as a 25-year-old Latino male, standing 5 feet, eight inches tall and weighing 180 pounds, with short black hair and brown eyes. Police believe the man was wearing blue jeans and a silver collar chain. 

The victim, a 40-year-old woman who lives in Oakland, called the police at 9:10 p.m. She was offered a ride by the suspect in a brown, 1970s-era, two-door car while shopping for groceries in East Oakland. She said she was then driven to the marina and raped twice. 

While it is unclear how she got from East Oakland to the Marina, Miller said, “It was certainly not through her own doing.” 

The detective bureau just began its investigation Monday, and has not yet arrested anyone, said Miller. Anyone with information about the case should call the sex crimes detail at (510) 981-5735.