Earth First! says the facts are clear

Jia-Rui Chong Daily Planet Staff
Wednesday April 10, 2002

Lisa Bari, daughter of the late Judi Bari, spoke at a press conference after day two of the Earth First! trial against the FBI. “We all hope this is going to work and this is going to clear my mother’s name,” said Bari, 21, who just graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2001.  

Alicia Littletree, an Earth First! organizer, was pleased that a grassroots organization could challenge the federal government on a shoe-string budget. 

The environmental group is challenging the FBI’s handling of a 1990 car-bomb attack in which Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were arrested. Bari’s estate and Cherney are suing the FBI and the Oakland Police for false arrest, illegal search and seizure and violations of First Amendment rights.  

Lead counsel Dennis Cunningham was optimistic about the trial Tuesday, after finishing jury selection and delivering his opening statement. The evidence, he said, is clear. “They were trying to get Judi Bari, Ray Charles could’ve seen it,” Cunningham said. Tomorrow, the FBI will deliver its opening statement.