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El Cerrito spikes BHS boys volleyball

By Jared Green Daily Planet Staff
Wednesday April 10, 2002

The Berkeley boys’ volleyball team got a good look at league power El Cerrito on Tuesday, and it wasn’t particularly pleasant for the ’Jackets. El Cerrito pounded them early and often, winning 15-1, 15-4, 15-7. 

El Cerrito started the match with a 7-0 run, as the two-time defending ACCAL champs made it clear there would be no upset by the visiting ’Jackets. The Gauchos allowed Berkeley just one point in the first game, a Robin Roach serve that El Cerrito couldn’t return over the net. 

“I think in the first game my guys were a little shocked at the speed of (El Cerrito’s) offense,” Berkeley head coach Justin Caraway said. “Once we saw what we were up against, we calmed down and did a little better.” 

The ’Jackets didn’t really recover until well into the second game, with the Gauchos out early again to a 9-0 lead. The streak was broken when an El Cerrito player went into the net on a spike attempt, and the ’Jackets managed three more points in the game before falling. 

“We just got stuck in a few rotations and gave up a lot of points,” Caraway said. “If we can limit them to one or two points per rotation, we’ll have a chance to compete.” 

Berkeley had trouble getting any offense going, not a surprise since they have only one real offensive threat in Roach. The junior had six kills, a low total for him due to some poor passing by his teammates, and Berkeley had just two other kills in the match. Ed Peszewski, playing his first game for the ’Jackets, showed a spark on defense, getting four blocks in the match, including one on last year’s league MVP, Michael Gonzalez. Gonzalez finished the match with 19 kills, 4 blocks and 6 digs. 

The final game went back and forth as the Gaucho offense sputtered. Berkeley kept it close until they were down 5-4, but the Gauchos rolled out a 9-0 run to pretty much put the match away. The ’Jackets did show some signs of life, getting three points before El Cerrito could finish them.