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UC demonstration was anti-American, anti-Jewish

Justin Rosenthal
Thursday April 11, 2002



The Anti-Jewish agenda of the “Palestinian cause” revealed its ugly head once again on the UC Berkeley campus at Tuesday’s Anti-American/Pro-Palestinian rally. Knowing that a ceremony commemorating the Holocaust was planned for noon, the Palestinian “students” intentionally disrupted the event by using loudspeakers to blare propaganda.  

The Palestinians attempted to cover-up the memory of one of the most tragic events in history, by deliberately drowning-out the Jewish students’ observance.  

Palestinian banners insulting President Bush and attacking American foreign policy only added salt to the wounds they created.  

Peace in the Middle East would have been better served had the Palestinian students been willing to find common ground with American-Jewish students. To cover-up another people’s history will only set-back peace.  



Justin Rosenthal