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Berkeley’s train station is inferior

Eric McCaughrin
Thursday April 11, 2002



Having visited nearly every train station in California, I have concluded that Berkeley's Amtrak station is the worst in the state. 

Words cannot adequately describe the blight underneath the University Avenue overpass. Moreover, the lack of platforms and transit information makes this railway stop very user-unfriendly. 

While Richmond, Oakland, Emeryville, and other cities have built stations, Berkeley has not accomplished much in building a station even though it has money in the bank for the project. 

Perhaps it is the staffing shortage, or a pre-occupation with constructing a parking garage at 4th street, but whatever the reason it is embarrassing for a city that is supposed to be giving 

priority to transit. 


As luck would have it, the old Berkeley rail depot is now up for sale. 

Until recently, this building was the "Xanadu" restaurant. 

The City should give serious consideration to purchasing this historic building and renovating it for the purpose of returning it to its original use (and perhaps adding some retail). 

There are so many cities throughout the country that have successfully renovated old rail depots -- certainly Berkeley can do the same. 


Eric McCaughrin