Air Force to station 36 cargo planes in California

The Associated Press
Saturday April 13, 2002

WASHINGTON — Several dozen Air Force cargo planes will be stationed at three California bases, providing hope the installations will remain open in the event of future base closures. 

Twelve C-17s will be stationed at Travis Air Force Base, eight C-17s and eight KC-130Rs at March Air Reserve Base and eight C-130Js at Channel Islands Air Force base. 

“This is great news for California, which has suffered perhaps more than any other state as a result of base closings,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said in a written statement. 

There have been four rounds of closings since 1988, with California losing more bases than any other state. 

“Because the decision will help ensure that operations at Travis, March and Channel Islands remain viable for years to come, it will also mean a great deal to the local economies and to the people who work and live around these bases,” Feinstein said. 

The new assignments will also mean additional funding for personnel and infrastructure improvements. Feinstein estimated that Travis Air Force Base could receive more than $150 million, while March Air Force Base could see more than $50 million.