Homeless man slain at San Jose encampment

The Associated Press
Monday April 15, 2002

.Scene of crime near residential neighborhood 


SAN JOSE — San Jose police found the body of a homeless man who had been beaten to death floating in Los Gatos Creek near downtown. 

The man was described as Latino and in his 30s. He had reportedly been living in the homeless encampment there. 

Police say there was a fight involving several weapons. Another man was also attacked, but he was fine, said San Jose police Sgt. Steve Dixon. 

A family called police Sunday around 4 a.m. after hearing someone banging on the side of their house. It turned out to be the second man who was attacked. He led police down to the dead man. 

Homicides are fairly rare in San Jose’s homeless encampments. The encampment where the man was found is near a neighborhood of warehouses and single-family homes.