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Israel commits acts of terror against Palestinians

Russell Bates Berkeley
Tuesday April 16, 2002

To the Editor,  

The letter by Justin Rosenthal (April 11) implying the rally for Palestinian freedom at U.C. Berkeley was anti-American and anti-Israel missed the point: U.S. foreign policy and Israeli occupation policies caused Palestinian resistance to the occupation. 

As a 55-year-old person and a 29-year resident of Berkely as well as a community member of Students for Justice in Palestine, I am disturbed by the shortsightedness of Rosenthal's viewpoint. One cannot make peace with Israel without seeing the inherent racism of Israel's terrorist actions in Palestine. 

SJP's rally showed there is room for Palestine on the high moral ground most often claimed by supporters of Israel. Fighterbombers kill indiscriminately, creating a chasm of distance needing to be filled before peace can be acheived. 

The Israeli Action Commitee is blind to the facts of the situation and sees anti-zionism as anti-semetic. This narrowmindedness only serves to stifle conflict resolution and disallow thoughtful dialogue between the groups. 

Palestine will be free one day, but only by a change in U.S. foreign policy 


- Russell Bates