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Wednesday April 17, 2002

Just $100 to kick mayor’s butt 


GOSHEN, Ind. — The mayor of this northern Indiana city may let a critic who offered money to kick his posterior take her best shot. 

Mayor Allan Kauffman plans to turn his critic’s offhand comment into a benefit for the Goshen Boys & Girls Club later this month. 

The critic told a political volunteer for Kauffman that she would happily pay $100 to kick the mayor’s hind quarters, The Goshen News reported Saturday. 

Kauffman announced at a Kiwanis meeting on Friday that he would offer himself for the challenge. And the Boys & Girls Club will accept the mayor’s generosity, Kevin Deary, club president, said. 

Kauffman wrote a letter to his critic inviting her and three mayoral critics to the kicking event. The suggested bidding for one swift kick starts at $100. 

But the mayor said he was interested in establishing safety rules, such as limiting the kicker to the use of the side of the foot. 


Teens tape illegal exploits 


SHELTON, Conn. — A videotape made by a group of teen-agers in Shelton and Ansonia is getting rave reviews — from police. 

The teens taped themselves committing a series of burglaries, and commenting on the crimes, police said. 

“On the tape they identify each other by name and talk about what building they are going to rob next,” Detective Sgt. Michael Madden said Saturday. “They would be filming themselves driving to each location and saying, ’We are going to do our robbin’ here.”’ 

Police obtained the tape from an informant. It solves eight burglaries in Shelton and others in Ansonia, Madden said. 

William Stakum, 19, of Shelton, was arrested Friday night and charged with burglary, larceny, and criminal mischief in the first degree. 

He confessed, Madden said. 

“He really didn’t have much choice after seeing the film,” he said. 

More arrests are expected. 


Slumber party in jail 


PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. — Wanted: A few law-abiding citizens for an overnight stay in jail. 

Responsible adults can help test the nearly finished jail by taking part in a “sleepover,” Sheriff Bill Brueggemann said. 

Members of Cass County civic groups, city councils and village boards have been invited to spend Friday night. They will wear orange jail jumpsuits and will be fed supper and breakfast. 

High school student councils and church youth groups are invited to send 15- to 18-year-olds and adult chaperones Saturday. 

The sleepover will help volunteers understand jail life and give staff a chance to practice procedures at the 96-bed jail, Brueggemann said. 

A more traditional open house also will be held during the weekend. 


Judge goes to jail 


WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Judge Michael Conahan decided to cut time and transportation costs by sending himself to jail. 

Conahan on Friday held court in the county jail with about 47 inmates on the day’s schedule — and less-than-ideal conditions. 

Conahan worked at a small table inside the prison’s library, surrounded by clerks, a stenographer, court administrators and a sheriff’s deputy. Inmates were brought in groups of five. 

Still, Conahan plans to try the court-in-jail system again in two weeks.