Television academy opposes ending credits after TV shows

By David Bauder The Associated Press
Friday April 19, 2002

NEW YORK — A television industry trade group is speaking out against the disappearance of credits at the end of TV shows. 

The listings that traditionally conclude shows have been sped up and shrunken over the past decade to where they are frequently illegible, and now the 11 Discovery-owned cable channels plan to eliminate them entirely. 

But the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences board voted unanimously Wednesday night to urge networks not to get rid of them. 

“I think people want to stand up for the right to be credited for the work that they do,” academy Chairman Bryce Zabel said. “That’s been a historic right in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.” 

Discovery Communications, whose cable channels include Discovery, the Travel Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and BBC America, said it’s likely to eliminate end credits within the next month. Discovery says it will direct viewers who want to see them to a Web site. 

Discovery, and other networks that have de-emphasized credits, said viewers aren’t interested and see them as an excuse to change the channel. 

Discovery representatives had no immediate comment Thursday on the ATAS action.