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What are you doing for peace?

Charmaine Soldat
Friday May 03, 2002

To the Editor: 

What fools we Americans are. 

Ignorant of history and human nature, we gullibly accept government and corporate propaganda like lemmings. We walk lockstep in place behind an undemocratically selected president who surrounds himself with similar megalomaniacs in governments and corporations. To top it off, some Americans are even willing to surrender their civil rights to feel safe. We have been told that there are unnamed terrorists under almost every rock. What they fail to tell us is that they are the terrorists. 

Instead of using our wealth constructively by directly assisting people, not governments of the suffering world, including or own populace, we allow the destroyers to arrogantly squander our wealth, American’s greatness and most importantly the Earth itself, before our very eyes. After all, most people just want the fulfillment of their basic human need for food, clothing, shelter and health care – and perhaps higher education. 

Having the gall to claim that starving, torturing, maiming, raping and blowing up living things brings peace, doesn’t convince me. Does it convince you? There are 95 percent of us, and only 5 percent of them What are you doing about it? 

- Charmaine Soldat