Free Tibet protesters stop traffic in downtown SF

Daily Planet Wire Report
Friday May 03, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO — Protesters for the cause of Tibet and the island of Taiwan were at the corner of Taylor and O'Farrell streets in San Francisco yesterday demonstrating against the official visit of Chinese Vice President Hu Jingtao. 

Approximately 250 demonstrators gathered and chanted, “You are the butchers” and “Shame on China.”  

They are speaking out against the visit by Hu, who met last night with Gov. Gray Davis, Mayor Willie Brown and other officials at a banquet at the Hilton Hotel in downtown San Francisco.  

John P. Yu, spokesman for the Northern California Formosan Federation, said that Hu is “following in the old Chinese footsteps.”  

Formosa is the former name of Taiwan. William Chou of Walnut Creek, the pastor of the East Bay Formosan United Methodist Church, said that the Chinese sovereignty claim over Taiwan is “ridiculous.” “ 

It's like (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair claiming sovereignty over the U.S.,” Chou said. He also called for the removal of Chinese missiles pointed at Taiwan. 

Topden Tsering, president of the San Francisco Tibetan Youth Congress that claims 10,000 worldwide members, said his message to Hu is that the “blood of hundreds of Tibetans killed is still fresh on your hands.” 

Tsering claimed that before becoming vice president Hu oversaw the Tibetan region where he allegedly personally ordered the killing of hundreds of peacefully demonstrating monks and nuns. 

Tsering said he wants Hu to recognize the Dalai Lama as an ally.