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Get on the bus for more school money

Mark A. Coplan
Saturday May 04, 2002

To the Editor: 

Two years ago I had the privilege of leading a delegation of five buses and 50 cars to Sacramento, to demand more funding for California's public schools. Many of you went with me & the PTA Council that day, and many others wrote the checks needed to make it happen. Ten thousand people showed up, Governor Davis heard our plea, and he released over $1.5 billion into the education budget.  

What a day that was. I delivered thousands of signatures to the governor's office from people from all around the state, who indorsed a statewide petition that we created here in Berkeley. While I addressed the rally of 10,000, many of you circulated through the crowd passing out petitions & gathering more signatures.  

What a day that was. And our 5 buses & 50 cars represented the largest delegation at the rally!  

What a day that was, when the parents, teachers, community, School Board & City Council Members, along with Mayor Dean joined ranks and made a difference. 

This year’s PTA Council is asking us to get back on those busses and return to Sacramento on May 8, just a few days from now. With buses leaving from Berkeley High, and each of the middle schools, you can reserve a seat now at I have reserved seats for my son & I on the Willard bus, and I encourage you to do the same.  

Our voices counted then, and they can make a difference now. Be it going to Sacramento on Wednesday, providing the PTA Council with needed donations, or waving the buses off; we need to all pull together to make a difference in Sacramento. 

Send checks to Matt Wong, Treasurer Berkeley PTA Council, 1311 Santa Fe, Berkeley 94702. 


Mark A. Coplan 

- Berkeley