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Patrick Kennedy creates space for disabled Berkeleyans

Tuesday May 07, 2002

To the Editor: 

I commend Patrick Kennedy for his insight and vision in regard to the theater/apartment complex downtown (the “Gaia Building”), particularly because it will be largely accessible to the disabled. The New Arts Theater will be another contribution to create more “Berkeley Space.” Berkeley space is cultural space, artistic space, space for low-income residents, and accessible and livable space for the disability community. 

As a disabled resident it gives me great pleasure to see an active developer like Kennedy creating space for low-income/disabled students and residents to find nearby, affordable, and livable housing. His work is vital for me and others. Twenty percent of his units are set aside for low-income and disabled residents. 

Graduating from Cal and trying to join the community is not easy. Finding 

accessible housing in Berkeley is very difficult and finding livable accessible apartment near campus is next to impossible. The spaces that Panoramic Interests have created are award winning designs that have taken access seriously. 

We can not overlook that quality of life that starts with the home. And it is this quality of life that Kennedy brings to our disabled community members. We should all support the creation of this space because for some of us this space did not exist before. 

- Victor Pineda