Oakland may get juvenile hall instead of Dublin

The Associated Press
Thursday May 09, 2002

OAKLAND, Calif. — Plans to move juvenile hall to Dublin may be on hold following an announcement by Alameda County’s sheriff that he’s closing the North County adult jail in Oakland. 

The surprise announcement by Sheriff Charles Plummer at a budget meeting sparked debate among county and city officials over whether the juvenile facility should be moved into the North County jail instead. 

Oakland City Manager Robert Bobb was against the idea. 

“I would lead the protest against that idea personally,” Bobb said Tuesday. “To put it in a high-rise facility is about as inhumane and insensitive as I can think of.” 

But county officials were willing to discuss the idea. Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker said Tuesday she wanted to know if there would be adequate space for classrooms, and what the cost of bringing the building up to code would be. 

The county has a $33.1 million state grant to build the new juvenile hall facility in Dublin. It’s unclear whether the grant could be used to remodel the adult jail.