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Thursday May 09, 2002

Suspect brings 

drugs to court 


UNIONTOWN, Pa. — A suspected drug dealer must not have had anywhere to stash his crack cocaine and marijuana, authorities said, so he brought it with him — to court. 

Duron Ford, 19, had a court appearance Monday on drug possession charges. Knowing Ford was due in court, officers approached him in the courthouse to serve a warrant on an unrelated case. 

As police closed in on him, Ford reportedly said, “Man, I got the blow on me.” 

After 10 police officers corralled Ford in the hallway of the Fayette County courthouse, they found he was carrying about two grams of crack cocaine and some marijuana. 

“We would hope that they have enough brain cells to know not to bring illicit drugs into the courthouse,” said Ford’s court-appointed attorney, Jeffrey Witeko. 


Cucumbers contain pot 


ONTARIO, Calif. — Cucumber boxes — filled with tons of marijuana — spilled from a produce truck that overturned as it exited a freeway, police said. 

After the truck dumped its entire load of cucumber boxes, Ontario police found the boxes concealed nearly 5,000 pounds of marijuana. 

Police are searching for two men who fled from the truck, which was involved in a hit-and-run accident shortly before it overturned. Nobody was hurt in the accident. 

- The Associated Press