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Good decision: Leave Albany waterfront alone

-Sasha Futran , Jill Posener
Monday May 13, 2002

To the Editor: 


“Let It Be!” applauds Berkeley City Council for listening to the overwhelming voice of the people currently using the Albany waterfront for recreationaluses such as off-leash dog walking, art creation and installation, bird watching, fishing, hiking and bike riding. Council called for leaving the Albany Plateau and Bulb exactly as they are currently and building playing fields in 

Berkeley instead. Reinforcing this position in a separate vote, the City Council voted against building playing fields on the Albany Plateau as called for in the current park plan. 

The Albany Waterfront is a model of a successful multi-use open space. The people who use the park act like caretakers instead of simply 

visitors. It’s an urban wildness. Wheelchairs share trails with dogsand bikes, fishermen sit alongside birdwatchers and artists carry on a rich tradition of public art. We commend the City of Berkeley for 

recognizing that this rare experience is worthy of preservation, just as it is. 

Over 1,300 signatures were gathered on petitions in a few weeks in support of leaving the Albany waterfront undeveloped and allowing its present forms of recreational use. “Let It Be!” continues to gather 

signatures and support for its position and the numbers grow daily. 


-Sasha Futran , Jill Posener 

El Cerrito