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Bates was nominated by formal ballot

Judy Clancy
Thursday May 16, 2002

Dear Editor: 

As someone who attended the May 4 Mayoral Convention, I was dismayed to read the May 6 article stating that Tom Bates was chosen by “acclamation.” 

The dictionary defines acclamation as “an enthusiastic oral vote of approval taken without a formal ballot.” Although nearly everyone who attended the convention is pleased with the choice of Tom Bates, the choice was made by a formal written ballot, and three other candidates also received votes. 

As one of the people who voted, I do not appreciate being disenfranchised. I am pleased that Bates has stepped forward and received overwhelming support, but that does not change the fact that when I pick up a newspaper I prefer the story be based on facts, rather than imagination, enthusiasm or bias. 


- Judy Clancy